A look at what’s at Dorset Studio during Art Weeks

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Here are some shots of the garden and the studio, and some of the work up on display from a distance. I took them just before my preview which was on Saturday, and it went wonderfully. Many thanks to my previous clients and friends that came :-)

May the sun shine as nicely as it did for the preview, during then next 3 weeks. :-)

My Moo business cards.

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Just a quick post to shout about my moo business cards i had printed. Here is a sample of them but they are wonderful things to have in a handbag! thanks to Moo.com you can have as many as 50 different images on your cards! I went for 20 this time and will have a change around for the next batch.

Dorset Art Weeks – a long journey to get here

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Well, time is drawing closer to the launch of dorset art weeks 2012. I am so glad to be doing this, this year. I was unable to take part in the last one in 2010 as I was struck down with cronic abdominal nerve pain in late summer of 2008, and then being diagnosed with endometriosis and a following operation. It has been a long road of recovery for me, and one filled with the prospect of medication as the only help. I had to stop painting for a long time which was a sad and depressing fact of my condition, and after a long struggle I only found my feet again last year, when I discovered that caffeine was exasperating the symptoms I was feeling, and I have now got a handle on my pain.

I made the choice to return to art full time when I was able to, I also began to regain my fitness, and despite early on suffering a badly sprained ankle, I found other ways to get fit and have not looked back since (and don’t miss my 2 1/2 stones either!)

My husband and I put a plan in motion to build a garden studio at home, as a place of sanctuary where I could be as creative as I could be (and no worries about splashing paint on a wall or carpet!) We started the project in July last year, and after winter stopping play, we finally got electricity put in in January this year, and I have never been so happy, or at peace while working.

So after this very long and troubled road that has been 4 years in the recovery of, I am back, doing what I love, in a place that is full of God’s peace. Being able to take part in something like DAW again, is a huge step for me emotionally, and I want to say a huge thank you for those who have supported me in getting here, both with prayer, and help :-)

On that last note, I am going to start the process of framing my work, to be hung, and the transformation from home and studio to gallery.

Woodland Nursery Wall Stickers by Owlandbrolly.com

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Introducing Nursery Wall Stickers designed and made by Sue Hutchings for her interior decor products website www.owlandbrolly.com
Creative Scenes for Young Imaginations. Just Peel Stick and Love.

Full Blog post….

Woodland Nursery Wall Stickers designed and made by Sue Hutchings for her interior decor products website owlandbrolly.com. Creative Scenes for Young Imaginations. Just Peel Stick and Love.

A Misty March Morning

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I went out and about with the camera this morning for an hour, and stopped at a place I have passed but never paused at before, not far from Upton, in Poole. It was wonderfully misty today (I adore mist) and the roads were quiet, almost erie. I saw some lovely distance shots of trees vanishing well into the mist, so here is one, coming to a watercolour painting near you soon 😉

It is the pool of water I see frequently, and it was just revealing it’s secrets through the mist when I got there. A few minutes more and the mist had all but lifted.

On walking back to the car I passed a lovely place full of mini daffodils so dainty and bright, all covered with moisture clinging to them.

More often than not, when there is lingering mist about, it is not a morning I have a car to appreciate it! so it was bliss to do this today :-)

‘The Hobbit’ Poster

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I recently made this and entered it into an online contest, to design a Hobbit poster, for which it placed First. At this moment in time, there are not many promotional images available to choose from, and so had to do a lot of searching for the right ones. I am delighted with how it came out.
Thanks to David Nemer for the landscape photo and James Fisher for the Gandalf photo

'The Hobbit' Poster by Sue Hutchings at Dorset Studio

Teacup with Blossoms

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When the sun is shining and in the afternoon on a nice spring day, I get the opportunity to take some shots that really appeal to me. I love pinks and blues and aquas all together, so these shots make me smile.

Teacup with Blossom-1 by Sue Hutchings

Teacup with Blossom-2 by Sue Hutchings

Dorset Art Weeks 2012

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I am in the process of getting ready for Dorset Arts Weeks. we have a proof read of the final book entry we have paid for in just a few weeks. DAW is going to run from 26th May till the 10th June 2012. I am really excited to be apart of it this year, after not being able to take part in last years, but enjoyed the two before that. I have a new garden studio, that will be opened during this time, as well as two reception rooms in the house. There should be around 45 pieces of artwork on display, a complete mixture of portraiture, landscapes, fabric work, and contemporary works, and I will be demonstrating throughout the whole two weeks.

Sherborne Castle asked me if I would care to demonstrate from them on the Jubilee bank holiday Monday, so I am thrilled to be able to go there too! this is all a huge adventure and a great way to meet people who like and enjoy art.

Bring on the 26th of June :-)

Floral fabric design – twitter background

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I wanted a fresh new look to my twitter page (as well as the facebook cover photo’s) so designed this. I bought a length of fabric made by Clarke and Clarke, for my new studio blinds, and the feel of it inspired this creation.

Cat Portrait, Casper

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A cat painting of a very happy cat, Casper, in Christchurch. Anne, the woman who I painted this for, did the most exquisite Japanese embroidery! very skilled, and very very clever.

Casper a cat painting by Sue Hutchings

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