Dorset Art Weeks is over….

Well, that was a hugely exciting time, and i am so glad hubby and I put all the extra effort in to getting the garden right for the studio warming too. I had an over whelming response for people wanting art lessons, for acrylics, watercolours and fabric work. so, I now have an intense time […]

Dorset Art Weeks 2012 venue 318

Here is a teaser of just a few of the things I will have up here at my home and new garden studio during 2012 Dorset Arts Weeks. I will have over 40 pieces of work available to view and buy, and now offer a print to canvas service for most things on show. I […]

Now accepting PayPal payments!

I have included a payment by PayPal feature on the website for those who wish to pay on the day and want to use a credit or debit card, and you don’t even need an account! You can find it on the Payment tab 🙂

A look at what’s at Dorset Studio during Art Weeks

Here are some shots of the garden and the studio, and some of the work up on display from a distance. I took them just before my preview which was on Saturday, and it went wonderfully. Many thanks to my previous clients and friends that came 🙂 May the sun shine as nicely as it […]

My Moo business cards.

Just a quick post to shout about my moo business cards i had printed. Here is a sample of them but they are wonderful things to have in a handbag! thanks to you can have as many as 50 different images on your cards! I went for 20 this time and will have a […]

Dorset Art Weeks – a long journey to get here

Well, time is drawing closer to the launch of dorset art weeks 2012. I am so glad to be doing this, this year. I was unable to take part in the last one in 2010 as I was struck down with cronic abdominal nerve pain in late summer of 2008, and then being diagnosed with […]

Woodland Nursery Wall Stickers by

Introducing Nursery Wall Stickers designed and made by Sue Hutchings for her interior decor products website
Creative Scenes for Young Imagination. Just Peel Stick and Love.

A Misty March Morning

I went out and about with the camera this morning for an hour, and stopped at a place I have passed but never paused at before, not far from Upton, in Poole. It was wonderfully misty today (I adore mist) and the roads were quiet, almost erie. I saw some lovely distance shots of trees […]

‘The Hobbit’ Poster

A poster designed for an online contest, for ‘The Hobbit’ movie which will be out in 2012

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