Water colour poppies demonstration

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I have been asked if I can demonstrate my watercolour poppies for the lighthouse art group in June, and thought I would post up a previous poppies in the making as an example of what it will look like to those watching, although it is likely to be less watery as this one, because it will be on an easel, and is going to run! it’s not a topic you can paint flat as the 40 or so members won’t be able to see! I am really looking forward to it.

Click here to see the full set of piccies

Jungle Decal, corner tree version

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jungle decal wall sticker children's kids _ sue hutchings at dorset studio designs
My latest decal design, a jungle theme, which sits nicely into the corner of a room which is great for those who don’t have a whole wall free but still want to do something creative using wall stickers in their children’s bedrooms. I enjoyed coming up with this concept of a crafty corner design :-)
I shall be designing the cutting plates for the standard tree design next. This Jungle theme will come in many different animal combinations to suit all tastes, and there will be some different colours introduced at a later stage.

Card Cut painted tree

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Following the requests I have had for my cards, I was asked if I could do a bigger version of the owl design, using this quote, for Mother’s Day. I chose to do a muted green and cream and brown colour theme, which works well with the vintage papers I used in the design.
Again as with my cards, I use a really nice quality off white textured card that is 300gsm and acid free. Drawn, hand painted and then cut out and arranged using a 3D effect, which casts lovely shows and stops a flat look to the over all design. The leaves as you can see creep out past the mounts boundary to soften the effect.

Card Cut for Mother's Day but Sue Hutchings @ Dorset Studio
Card Cut mothers day-sue hutchings-dorset studio designs

These are customisable designs, and can be created in blues, pinks, purples, aquas and browns. Please email me to place an order for one.
This design is in a 10” x 8” mount and comes unframed for just £39 or framed for £57 inc P&P within the UK

Watercolour class, part one

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Well, what a wonderful start to the lessons. It was a joy to meet my 3 ladies today and help them on their way to getting knowledgeable about watercolours papers and colours. not to mention the chatting and the coffee (with jaffa cakes too) :-) I am really looking forward to seeing them again next week, where we will continue the colour chart before moving on to having some fun with different brushes on different papers :-)

It is fascinating to me that some things I completely take for granted like having 2 pots for painting water, one for the dirty brushes and then one to get clean water from, or using salt to get a nice pattern when watercolour is setting, have come as a useful knowledge  to share. Next weeks effects should be very interesting

Dorset Studio ready for art lessons

Watercolour Classes

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watercolour classes sue hutchings_dorset studio

My new watercolour classes commence at Dorset studio in the garden from Monday 4th March! I am running a series of 6 sessions for beginners watercolours, and I am really excited. Looking forward to meeting these lovely ladies again who signed up last year during Dorset Art Weeks. All the prep is done, the only thing that needs doing is to get some chocolate biscuits in :-)

Mother’s Day cards in the making.

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I thought I would go into how I go about making my handmade cards. I love the fact that I am using a combination of watercolours and papers to make these, and then cutting out the elements using a nice handy swivel scalpel. I use a really nice quality off white textured card that is 300gsm and acid free. It took a lot of searching for a card that was a little different than just hammered or linen which is a popular choice with hand made creations.

card making1-sue hutchings-dorset studio
After I have doodled out my design, and like the end result, I draw and make a template so that I can get the same element each time. This is some of the template pieces I currently have in use.

card making2-sue hutchings-dorset studio
I use the template to repeat the design on just one piece of card so I can keep track of the pieces, and it makes life easier to paint them too.

card making3-sue hutchings-dorset studio
I tend to paint the part of the design I am going to need to attach the papers to first to give it the most time to dry, so in this case I start with the birds (as you can see I like variety in my work…) I then move onto the branches and then the leaves. I just paint the leaves straight onto the card with my large brush, rather than draw them first.

card making4-sue hutchings-dorset studio
card making5-sue hutchings-dorset studio
card making6-sue hutchings-dorset studio
You can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process, but I find that the heat buckles the card too much and can cause blooms in the paint, so I like to let it all dry at it’s own speed. Once it is all dry, I start to work on my vintage paper elements. I use a mixture of cutters and a scalpel to create the sizes I need for my designs, and as this shot shows the different combinations I like to make. These are pretty for many different card types, and in lots of colour combinations.

card making7-sue hutchings-dorset studio
Once the glue has set I cut out the image leaving a small white stroke around it’s outside.

card making8-sue hutchings-dorset studio
Here are my elements gathered ready to assemble using 3D foam pads. These are thin enough to have the card post as a normal sized postage stamp, but deep enough to make the details stand out with a nice shadow.

card making9-sue hutchings-dorset studio
The finished card. The final touch is a sweet hand written greeting, that can made with any custom wording on it.

If you are after a card for a special occasion, feel free to contact me for anything custom. These cards come sealed in a celo bag with its envelope, and is posted in a card backed envelope. £3.25 including the postage (within the UK)

Hand Made card designs

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My new selection of hand made cards that compliment my decal designs. They are A6 and are made with acid free 300gsm textured card, using a combination of hand painted details and vintage papers. There is a bespoke greeting for each card, the ones shown are simply examples of the designs available. Each card costs £3.25 including P&P

Frozen water at Charlton Marshall

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Took the chance to get the camera out and down the road this morning, while we still had the snow as there was a spell of breaking cloud first thing. I love sunlight when it comes to winter photography, it makes all the difference. I shall be using this image in my next set of printed cards :-)

Woodland animals and friends wall sticker design

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Here are some preview images of the different colours chosen for the designs, as well as being an example of the 4 different sized kits available. It also shows that the small branch, whether part of the largest kit or on it’s own, is fully reversible for more flexibility in its placement in the bedroom. There is blue and pink, autumn, blue and orange, pink and finally, blue. The largest size covers an area of 160 x 80 inches but can be scaled down in size if needed at the printers end. The extra large kit contains the whole woodland scene available including: the tree and side branch, a fox, badger, bunny rabbit, hedgehog, owls, squirrel, birds, insects and butterflies. The extra large kit also contains  bird house and a swing for the owls to sit on.

Working with Wendy and Tony has been wonderful and great to know that my design skills has set them on their way to being able to start their business :-)

Extra large






Small branch left


Small branch right


Last but by no means least, is the autumn woodland side branch, a huge best seller. Please email me directly for enquiries or to make a purchase.


Children’s wall decal designs

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Here is the first post of different elements that are making up the first woodland design for the wall decals for Children’s bedrooms.

I discussed with my client Wendy what we wanted from the first range, and it was obvious (as a British product) that should include some quintessential english countryside species, so naturally, a badger, fox, bunny, hedgehog and owls were all must haves!

These samples are all from the Autumn range, but there are 4 other variations of colours available, for boys and girls.


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