Dorset Art Weeks – a long journey to get here

Well, time is drawing closer to the launch of dorset art weeks 2012. I am so glad to be doing this, this year. I was unable to take part in the last one in 2010 as I was struck down with cronic abdominal nerve pain in late summer of 2008, and then being diagnosed with endometriosis and a following operation. It has been a long road of recovery for me, and one filled with the prospect of medication as the only help. I had to stop painting for a long time which was a sad and depressing fact of my condition, and after a long struggle I only found my feet again last year, when I discovered that caffeine was exasperating the symptoms I was feeling, and I have now got a handle on my pain.

I made the choice to return to art full time when I was able to, I also began to regain my fitness, and despite early on suffering a badly sprained ankle, I found other ways to get fit and have not looked back since (and don’t miss my 2 1/2 stones either!)

My husband and I put a plan in motion to build a garden studio at home, as a place of sanctuary where I could be as creative as I could be (and no worries about splashing paint on a wall or carpet!) We started the project in July last year, and after winter stopping play, we finally got electricity put in in January this year, and I have never been so happy, or at peace while working.

So after this very long and troubled road that has been 4 years in the recovery of, I am back, doing what I love, in a place that is full of God’s peace. Being able to take part in something like DAW again, is a huge step for me emotionally, and I want to say a huge thank you for those who have supported me in getting here, both with prayer, and help 🙂

On that last note, I am going to start the process of framing my work, to be hung, and the transformation from home and studio to gallery.

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  1. Felicia says:

    Very inspirational,Sue. You should write a book with pictures of your studio,garden, and of course your artwork!

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