‘The Hobbit’ Poster

I recently made this and entered it into an online contest, to design a Hobbit poster, for which it placed First. At this moment in time, there are not many promotional images available to choose from, and so had to do a lot of searching for the right ones. I am delighted with how it came out.
Thanks to David Nemer for the landscape photo and James Fisher for the Gandalf photo

'The Hobbit' Poster by Sue Hutchings at Dorset Studio

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2 Comments to "‘The Hobbit’ Poster"

  1. Sue says:

    Hello Sue

    Long time no speak!! Just browsing today as I am home on a weeks hiatus. So glad I voted for this poster, seeing here in its full glory does it so much more justice than the small version.

    Congratulations, as always a fabulous work of art.

    Wishes of the best kind and hope all is well.

    Sue (aka SiouxsieSioux)

    • Sue says:

      Hi Sue 🙂 Lovely to hear from you.

      I hope you are having a good hiatus! i know you live a hectic life. I hope all is ok with you both.

      Thank you for the vote, that was lovely of you. Graphics for forums is almost a thing of the past at the moment lol, I am busy and getting ready for ‘Dorset Art weeks’ just at the moment, which starts at the end of May. I decided to take some time off and create a poster I could put into my portfolio (my excuse for doing it 😉 It is going to be a wonderful film when it comes out…. the waiting is killing me!

      Huge hugs to you both, as always

      Sue x

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