Woodland animals and friends wall sticker design

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Here are some preview images of the different colours chosen for the designs, as well as being an example of the 4 different sized kits available. It also shows that the small branch, whether part of the largest kit or on it’s own, is fully reversible for more flexibility in its placement in the bedroom. There is blue and pink, autumn, blue and orange, pink and finally, blue. The largest size covers an area of 160 x 80 inches but can be scaled down in size if needed at the printers end. The extra large kit contains the whole woodland scene available including: the tree and side branch, a fox, badger, bunny rabbit, hedgehog, owls, squirrel, birds, insects and butterflies. The extra large kit also contains  bird house and a swing for the owls to sit on.

Working with Wendy and Tony has been wonderful and great to know that my design skills has set them on their way to being able to start their business :-)

Extra large






Small branch left


Small branch right


Last but by no means least, is the autumn woodland side branch, a huge best seller. Please email me directly for enquiries or to make a purchase.


Children’s wall decal designs

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Here is the first post of different elements that are making up the first woodland design for the wall decals for Children’s bedrooms.

I discussed with my client Wendy what we wanted from the first range, and it was obvious (as a British product) that should include some quintessential english countryside species, so naturally, a badger, fox, bunny, hedgehog and owls were all must haves!

These samples are all from the Autumn range, but there are 4 other variations of colours available, for boys and girls.


‘The Hobbit’ Poster

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I recently made this and entered it into an online contest, to design a Hobbit poster, for which it placed First. At this moment in time, there are not many promotional images available to choose from, and so had to do a lot of searching for the right ones. I am delighted with how it came out.
Thanks to David Nemer for the landscape photo and James Fisher for the Gandalf photo

'The Hobbit' Poster by Sue Hutchings at Dorset Studio

Floral fabric design – twitter background

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I wanted a fresh new look to my twitter page (as well as the facebook cover photo’s) so designed this. I bought a length of fabric made by Clarke and Clarke, for my new studio blinds, and the feel of it inspired this creation.

Flourish design for twitter

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I have finally gotten round to making myself a new vector brush from one of my doodles.

I decided to use it for my custom twitter background :- )

Spooks Wallpaper

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A simple and understated designed wallpaper, based on the character of Lucas North from the BBC drama ‘Spooks’

North & South Wallpaper

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A wallpaper made with a selection of different stock images, as an example of using pre-made resources. The stamps were the only exception, creating those entirely in photoshop.

Regency Header

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One of many requested personal headers for different Live journal sites.

Jane Austen Header

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This was the winning header in a contest for a Jane Austen graphics contest site.


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A floral banner created for a website.

CD in Case – Graphic Illustration

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This CD case was created entirely in photoshop, set on a photograph of a wooden surface.

Jane Eyre Poster

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An alternative poster to the official one released for this coming March 2011