Artist in Residence – a gallery viewing…

I had the privilege to go into the William Barnes School in Sturminster Newton in November last year and now that some time has passed since the children learned some watercolour basics with me, I have been asked to go back today to look at the work they have created in their own gallery showing! […]

Watercolour portrait of ‘Freeman’ the black retriever

From time to time when I am painting portraits I like to take the extra time to take photos to show how I paint, and how paintings develop. I wanted to show the lovely dog Freeman being painted. I have painted many paintings now for this lovely family, and two of the animal portraits have […]

Zac, the Alsatian

I need to spend a long time updating some of my recent work, and I will find a time to do it soon, but for now, rather busy painting to various deadlines. There is time to get this painting of Zac up though. Painted for Dave here in the village of Charlton Marshall, Zac is […]

Water colour poppies demonstration

I have been asked if I can demonstrate my watercolour poppies for the lighthouse art group in June, and thought I would post up a previous poppies in the making as an example of what it will look like to those watching, although it is likely to be less watery as this one, because it […]

Card Cut painted tree

A new range of pictures ‘Card Cuts’ hand painted on 300gsm acid free textured card. Made to order designs, so contact me to place an order. £45 inc postage.

Cat Portrait, Casper

A cat painting of a very happy cat, Casper, in Christchurch. Anne, the woman who I painted this for, did the most exquisite Japanese embroidery! very skilled, and very very clever.

Dog Portrait, Bobo

A painting of a most beautiful and energetic dog, Bobo. She really has a wonderful character, and I spent a good deal of time with her, taking the shots that I used to paint this.

Havana cat portrait, Llandra

I have finished and delivered this watercolour portrait of a Havana Cat, Llandra, to a lovely and special couple. This is their 3rd cat portrait I have completed for them

New painting – a Boxer

I have been commissioned to do a new painting of a Boxer, which I start my preparations for tomorrow. Here is the main photo I will work from, but I will use another 4 to cover all the angels of her face to help build up her character. This final drawing which I now have […]

“Rhea & Baby” Private Commission

“Angel” Watercolour – Private Commission

“Oscar” Watercolour – Private Commission

“Jake” Watercolour – Private Commission

“Studland” Watercolour – Sold

Mounted to fit a 14′ x 11″ frame

“Early Risers” Watercolour – Sold

Mounted to fit a 16″x 12″ frame

“Heading Home” Watercolour – Sold

Mounted to fit a 16″ x 12″

“Meadow Haze” Watercolour – sold

Mounted to fit a 20″ x 16″

“Meadow Walk” Watercolour – SOLD

Mounted – fits 20″ x 16″ frame

“Bugsy” Watercolour – Private Commission

Sue Hutchings