New range of nursery wall sticker designs at Owl and Brolly

It has been a while since updating the status of my wall sticker designs. Since I started designing them back in 2012, I have since launched my own range through my brand of Owl and Brolly, not only wall stickers, but posters and wall height charts also, and soon to lead into matching decor for rooms. These wall decals are printed on the finest quality fabric wall sticker material, made of polyester, pvc free, and re-movable and re-positionable. Just peel stick and love.

I had a huge response to my initial designs when I first began, which is what lead me to start Owl and Brolly in 2015. I love creative scenes for young imaginations. I have a growing range including woodland animals wall stickers, mermaids, unicorns, farm yard, boats and lighthouse, mountains, pandas, African jungle safari to name but a few already on the Owl and Brolly website Forest animal wall stickers, balloons, dinosaurs, pirates, Noah’s Arc, koalas, llamas, sloths, all to come in the next few weeks.

As an artist trained in Natural History Illustration, I have taken my watercolour skills and applied them into the digital world to create a type of wall sticker that really does look painted on the walls, instead of the flat standard vector variety I was first creating and can be easily bought.

Here are some samples of the new designs

Woodland Animal Wall Stickers

Woodland Animal Nursery Wall Stickers by

This design includes the oak tree, squirrel, owls, robin and mouse that can be found in the small scene, but has the addition of a wide range of woodland animals including a badger, fox, bunny rabbit, spotted woodpecker, a hedgehog with his red spotted toadstool, other mushrooms and butterflies and even a baby fox in his tyre swing.
Available from here:

Mermaid Wall Stickers

Mermaid Wall Stickers Owl and Brolly

This design includes a mermaid with her narwhal, another mermaid swimming with a sea turtle, a ship wreck, octopus, treasure chest, crab, waves fish seaweed and lots of heart bubbles.
Available from here:

Unicorn Wall Stickers

Unicorn and Rainbow Wall Sticker by Owl and Brolly

This cute unicorn design includes a standing unicorn under a rainbow with clouds and multicoloured rain drops.

Available from here:

Unicorns Wall Stickers

Unicorns Wall Sticker by Owl and Brolly

This design includes a Unicorn in a hot air balloon, one sat on a rainbow with multicoloured rain drops, 2 standing unicorns, and one unicorn asleep on a cloud.
Available from here:

Panda Wall Stickers

Panda Wall Stickers Blossom Tree by Owl and Brolly

This cute panda design includes 1 sleeping panda, 1 hiding panda and 1 swinging panda, all gathered together in a scroll tree full of blossoms.
Available from here:

Boat and Lighthouse Wall Stickers

Boat and Lighthouse Wall Stickers by Owl and Brolly

This seaside design includes a light house on rocks, 4 boats, a seagull on a buoy, more flying seagulls and clouds.
Available from here:

Have An Adventure Mountain Wall Stickers

Mountains Hot Air Balloons Wall Sticker by Owl and Brolly

This have an adventure mountain design includes a triple mountain range with the words ‘Have an adventure’, 3 hot air balloons and clouds. The wording on this can be changed to suit your nursery decor. Other variations include ‘You can move mountains’ ‘Little Explorer’ and ‘Your adventure awaits’
Available from here:

Any of these designs can be made smaller and also with free colour changes to suit your nursery decor. Free colour change service is available for a limited time. Please email me, Sue Hutchings at ‘’ or via the dorsetstudio contact me link at the bottom of the page xx

I hope you like these new designs born in my DorsetStudio 🙂

Sue xxx

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