Visitors comments

Here are just some of the comments that were written in my visitors book during Dorset Art Weeks

“Wow! So many amazing pictures. Love the mixed media. Thank you.”

“Beautiful animal paintings, so glad we found you.”

“Such a varied exhibition of fresh new work. Most enjoyable”

“Wonderful selection – Love the metallic ones! Inspirational!”

“I loved all Sue’s work. Brings fresh air into the room. Some pictures are really about how it feels to be in a particular place, a really special and intimate experience. A wonderful experience in coming here, Thank you Sue and Paul”

“Excellent feel for textures of the sea/cliffs.”

“Beautiful Portraiture. Lovely studio. Enjoyed our visit!”

“Very skilled, beautiful watercolours, very skilled.”

“Amazing, what can we say such a talent!”

“Such a clever use of different media. We love your work!.”

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