Artist in Residence – a gallery viewing…

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I had the privilege to go into the William Barnes School in Sturminster Newton in November last year and now that some time has passed since the children learned some watercolour basics with me, I have been asked to go back today to look at the work they have created in their own gallery showing! How exciting is that?! I am so looking forward to seeing all these littlies again, and their creations. They were a fantastic and enthusiastic lot, and really absorbed what I asked them to do.

I have also been asked if I might bring samples of work in for people to see (the person behind the lessons so to speak) So shall pop on in a bit before it starts and put a few things up. I also hope to preview some things for my new artistic venture, so if you happen to be one of the parents popping onto the website to get to know me better, please comment to this post, and I can sign you up to my new newsletter, so I can keep in touch with you x

For now, I am just so excited to go back and see how everyone has been doing. Being part of helping children find their creative side is such a great privilege <3

Water colour poppies demonstration

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I have been asked if I can demonstrate my watercolour poppies for the lighthouse art group in June, and thought I would post up a previous poppies in the making as an example of what it will look like to those watching, although it is likely to be less watery as this one, because it will be on an easel, and is going to run! it’s not a topic you can paint flat as the 40 or so members won’t be able to see! I am really looking forward to it.

Click here to see the full set of piccies

Watercolour class, part one

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Well, what a wonderful start to the lessons. It was a joy to meet my 3 ladies today and help them on their way to getting knowledgeable about watercolours papers and colours. not to mention the chatting and the coffee (with jaffa cakes too) :-) I am really looking forward to seeing them again next week, where we will continue the colour chart before moving on to having some fun with different brushes on different papers :-)

It is fascinating to me that some things I completely take for granted like having 2 pots for painting water, one for the dirty brushes and then one to get clean water from, or using salt to get a nice pattern when watercolour is setting, have come as a useful knowledge  to share. Next weeks effects should be very interesting

Dorset Studio ready for art lessons

Watercolour Classes

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watercolour classes sue hutchings_dorset studio

My new watercolour classes commence at Dorset studio in the garden from Monday 4th March! I am running a series of 6 sessions for beginners watercolours, and I am really excited. Looking forward to meeting these lovely ladies again who signed up last year during Dorset Art Weeks. All the prep is done, the only thing that needs doing is to get some chocolate biscuits in :-)