A gold and two silver awards

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I am taking part in the Dorset Arts and Crafts Association (DACA) again this year, it is to be my last as the Fine Art Director simply due to the time constraints I have at the moment. I will continue to demonstrate for them from time to to though :-) It is also their 2nd centenary year! How can they have two I hear you say, well they celebrated their 100th year of the organisation in 2007, but because the IIWW this year is the 100th exhibition. I won the inaugural cup for the Dorset Landcapse contest, which was a huge honour and surprise that year.  I entered into the same contest this year with 3 acrylics, and received one gold and two silvers. I am thrilled! I love to paint the Dorset that I see down the road from me as well as costal scenes from time to time. I feel rather blessed to live in this part of the country where I have rolling hills and sea all within the same county.
There is a wonderful turn out of entries this year, so varied, and colourful. Anyone can enter, as long as it is a Dorset landscape or seascape (a maximum of 5 entries PP).

Here are the pieces that I entered

sunshine and showers dorset landcape by sue hutchings at dorset studio

Sunshine and Showers – Silver
Textured acrylic on canvas 20″x 16″ £195

Through the gate,  dorset landcape by sue hutchings at dorset studio

Through the Gate Textured – Silver
acrylic on canvas 20″x 16″ SOLD

old harry rocks textured acrylic by sue hutchings at dorset studio

Old Harry Rocks Textured – Gold
acrylic on canvas 20″x 16″ £195

I love to create textured landscapes, whether for myself, or on commission. There are things that the texture does to a painting that paint alone doesn’t achieve, I don’t like to try and paint photographically, unlike the watercolour portraits, because for me that is where a camera comes in. I like to add a bit of roughness to a piece because that is how I see the landscape. Trees have texture, as has grass.

I will be demonstrating the painting techniques used in these acrylic paintings during the 5 days of the exhibitions which starts this Friday, 1st August 2014, at the Purbeck School, in Wareham, Dorset. I shall also be using watercolours as well as showing my watercolour portrait techniques too.

For more information on the association, go to their website: http://www.dorsetartsandcrafts.org/

Frozen water at Charlton Marshall

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Took the chance to get the camera out and down the road this morning, while we still had the snow as there was a spell of breaking cloud first thing. I love sunlight when it comes to winter photography, it makes all the difference. I shall be using this image in my next set of printed cards :-)

A Misty March Morning

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I went out and about with the camera this morning for an hour, and stopped at a place I have passed but never paused at before, not far from Upton, in Poole. It was wonderfully misty today (I adore mist) and the roads were quiet, almost erie. I saw some lovely distance shots of trees vanishing well into the mist, so here is one, coming to a watercolour painting near you soon 😉

It is the pool of water I see frequently, and it was just revealing it’s secrets through the mist when I got there. A few minutes more and the mist had all but lifted.

On walking back to the car I passed a lovely place full of mini daffodils so dainty and bright, all covered with moisture clinging to them.

More often than not, when there is lingering mist about, it is not a morning I have a car to appreciate it! so it was bliss to do this today :-)

Shaftsbury’s Gold Hill

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We went here this weekend with a good friend, as the weather was lovely before lunch….. and then the clouds came rolling in.
Gold Hill, Shaftsbury by Sue Hutchings
'Woman on bench' by Sue Hutchings

Sunset over Piddle Hinton

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I stayed at my sisters this evening and saw this lovely mellow colour seep into the lounge, and knew the sky outside would be beautiful. She has such beautiful, rolling fields literally on her door step, so hobbled outside to go and capture it. I do love Dorset!

Piddle Hinton at sunset by Sue HUtchings

Portland Lighthouse

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I drove to portland Lighthouse, at Portland Bill, in Dorset. I was there years ago with a small point and shoot camera, so it was lovely to go back this time with something more substantial. The only fly in the ointment was the sprained ankle I gained while navigating over the rocks. I didn’t stay as long as I would have liked this time as I wanted to get ice on my foot, but I still came away with some wonderful memories of the place, knowing I will have to go back again soon (like I need an excuse to go back – the place is wonderful!)

Chesil Beach
chesil beach by sue hutchings at dorset studio

A couple of shots of the lighthouse. I would have walked to the other side of the lighthouse, but that is one I will have to save for next time.
portland lighthouse-1 by sue hutchings at dorset studio

portland lighthouse-2 by sue hutchings at dorset studio

The cloud came over not long after I arrived, but it was letting through the most wonderful rays of sunlight, hitting the sea.
portland sea by sue hutchings at dorset studio

“Studland” Watercolour – Sold

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Mounted to fit a 14′ x 11″ frame

“North Dorset” Acrylic – Sold

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Near Bulbarrow Hill, Dorset

– 16 x 20 textured acrylic on canvas.

Twinkling cow parsley

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Snow covered cow parsley – Spetisbury, Dorset

Rosehips with green background

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Rosehips – Spetisbury, Dorset.

Winter Tree

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Spetisbury, Dorset

Dorset in winter

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Spetisbury, Dorset

Winter tree reflections

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Reflections – Spetisbury, Dorset

“Beyond Bulbarrow Hill” Acrylic – £275

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Bulbarrow Hill, Dorset.
20″ x 16″ on box canvas.

Winter Reflections

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Spetisbury, Dorset

Frozen fairy glade

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Spetisbury, Dorset